In 1999, our country was being subjected to the largest military aggression  since  the Second World War. Without the permission of the UN Security Council, civilian and military targets in Yugoslavia were being bombed from March 24th  to June 10th 1999. seventy-eight days and nights. The bombing of Yugoslavia represents the peak of the dominance of the North Atlantic Alliance over the rest of the world. Such unequal and so disproportionate military conflict has never happened in the human history before :  The largest and most powerful military and political alliance attacked a free and sovereign state. Our 240 planes were being confronted with 1031 NATO planes which was over forty percent of the entire aviation capacity of all NATO countries. The area of  The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was about 101,000 square kilometers, and the area of ​​the countries that had attacked us was over twenty million square kilometers.  The number of soldiers of the Alliance was a thousand times greater than the number of soldiers that Serbia could have mobilized in case of general mobilization while their military budget was 680 times greater than ours.

In order to justify the war, the term humanitarian crisis was being invented. Allegedly, the Serbian police had committed crimes against the Albanian population in Kosovo and Metohija in order to ethnically clean the southern Serbian province, which caused a humanitarian disaster. After the NATO aggression, the world had altered and  nothing  remained the same. Both Russia and China had changed their foreign policy and from that moment the balance of power in the world  has been changing , too.

During the bombing of Yugoslavia, the Chinese embassy was demolished. Certain NATO generals proposed the division of the Russian Federation and the occupation of Siberia, which would become a protectorate of the Western powers. NATO bases were set up on the very borders of Russia, in Finland, Estonia, and a little later in Ukraine. Russia was being surrounded. Large countries that were part of the Russian Empire, liberated and annexed by the Russian emperors, were lost, first of all Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia…

In 1999, the Russian public understood that they were next and changed  attitude towards the Western world. As early as 2004, Russian President Vladimir Putin openly opposes Western domination. Today, of the three largest world powers: the United States, Russia and China, two stand firmly on our side, on our point of view and do not recognize the violent and illegitimate independence of our southern province. As well as European countries, important members of the European Union, above all Spain, but also Romania and Slovakia…

One cannot bomb a sovereign country in the middle of Europe, the country that has existed for over a thousand of years and whose culture and civilization are embedded in the foundations of our world. It can, but then the world can’t be the same after that.

Our allies from the two world wars distinguished themselves by supporting the Albanians in the conflict between Serbs and Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija. As it is today, the political West stands in the same positions were  Vienna and Berlin, Austria-Hungary and Prussia, later the German Empire, were standing a hundred years ago. In order to cut off Russia from the warm Mediterranean Sea, it was necessary to distance Serbia, as a traditionally Orthodox, Slavic country with strong ties to Russia, from the Adriatic Sea. It was necessary to place the area from Istria and Slovenia to the Albanian mountains under the direct control of the North Atlantic Treaty, including Kosovo and  Metohija and Montenegro.

Schools, churches, hospitals, the television building, bridges, and the tower on Avala were being destroyed. The Government of Yugoslavia has estimated the damage caused by the bombing at 100 billion euro. Surdulica and Aleksinac were being completely destroyed. Almost three thousand civilians, Serbs and Montenegrins were being killed, and 1002 members of the army and police. Thirteen thousand people were  being wounded, and that is a city  size of Ćuprija or Velika Plana. 89 children were being killed, over three hundred thousand people had left Kosovo and Metohija, there was an exodus of Serbs and non-Albanian population from Kosovo, 60,000 homes were  being destroyed and 150 factories. A third of the country’s power capacity was destroyed. Cluster bombs, prohibited by international convention, were being launched ,among other targets, on  the market in the city Niš, on May 7th, full of people, which could not possibly be a military objective. Fifteen people had died then, including a thirteen-year-old girl, whose body was found with more than thirty wounds from a cluster bomb .

On the second day of Easter a passenger train , on the Belgrade-Thessalonica railway, was being hit ,  the number of dead has never been announced, some are still missing. When the train was hit, it  was in the Grdelica Gorge, six-year-old Branimir was killed.

For the Holy Trinity, the bridge in the city Varvarin was bombed, after the liturgy, while the city fair was still ongoing . While rescuing wounded people from Morava river, a priest in full priestly vestments and minor Sanja Milenković, winner of the mathematics Olympiad, died…

Two-year-old girl Bojana Tošović, the youngest victim of the bombing, died in Merdar. She was found in the arms of her father, who tried to protect her with his body.

In Batajnica, in the family apartment, Milica Rakić, one of the symbols of the suffering of the Serbian people at the end of the twentieth century, was killed by shrapnel while sitting on her baby potty. Her mother left her in the bathroom for a moment, to make her bed in the next room. The bed that little Milica never slept in again. The bomb fell in the immediate neighborhood and pieces of iron flew into the apartment, breaking the glass and tiles in the bathroom. Milica’s father found his daughter bleeding on the bathroom floor, he took her in his arms and told her mother: we lost her.

According to the official data of NATO lobbyists, about fifteen tons of depleted uranium, which will decay in 45 billion years, were being thrown away. We will never know the exact number of bombs dropped and the exact number of victims. Just  imagine that number: 45,000,000,000. If we count up to a billion, it would take us over thirty years. In the entire human lifetime, not even three billion seconds pass. The consequences of the bombing are about fifty thousand sick Serbs and Montenegrins from cancer until 2016 and over 400,000 Albanians who left Kosovo and Metohija precisely because of cancer . In 2025, the peak incidence of leukemia is expected among Kosovo Albanians, especially among their children.

It will be recorded in historiography that the Serbian people were the first people to oppose the North Atlantic Treaty and the NATO occupation, the first people to oppose what we call the new world order. First in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and then in Serbia and Montenegro. The only white man, an European who fired at  American soldiers   was a Serb. Finding themselves in the process of the terrible destruction of the state of Yugoslavia, which we formed twice in the last century, the Serbs tried to oppose the foreign occupation. Today,  there is Orban, there is Putin, China and Russia, only because we opposed the political West  back then.

NATO generals were surprised by the heroic resistance of the Yugoslav army and civilians. On Mount Paštrik, on Košare, in impossible conditions, the Serbs resisted an unimaginable force with unimaginable technology. The heroism was epic, equal to the resistance of the Spartans at Thermopylae, equal to the famous battles on Kumanovo and Cer. Our military weapons and equipment came out of the war completely preserved. Both the army and the people were saved to the maximum extent possible.

Since the Yugoslav Army did not surrender, NATO began to violate the laws and customs of war and to commit crimes against humanity. It was planned to attack the crops in Vojvodina and poison the water, and to completely destroy town after town in Serbia starting from mid-June. An intervention by ground forces was planned for the end of the year. Yugoslavia did not capitulate then, it did not experience victory, but  also was not defeated, even though it had 26 of the world’s most powerful countries against it. The aggression was not the war, but a crime, the crime was committed against us.

With the Kumanovo Agreement, Kosovo and Metohija remained the part of S.R. Yugoslavia, whose legal heir is Serbia, but the Yugoslav army and police had to withdraw from the territory of the southern Serbian province, which was placed under NATO occupation, which was the main goal of the aggression. NATO generals pledged to disarm terrorists from the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army and enable all residents of Kosovo and Metohija to live together in peace. That never happened. Resolution 1244 guarantees the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Yugoslavia and later Serbia in Kosovo and Metohija.

Today, 137,000 Serbs, our compatriots, live in Kosovo and Metohija, in a country under foreign occupation. Those who live south of the Ibar, in Velika Hoča, Orahovac, Goraždevac, live in ghettos, in reserves, like the North American Indians, without the basic conditions for life. Should we leave our people from Kosovo and Metohija to Greater Albania, Thaci and Haradinaj? We must not forget what happened to the Serbs in northern Albania, they disappeared, their names and surnames were changed by force, they were assimilated by force.

That is why we need awakening, sobering up.

Today, Serbia is the only multi-ethnic country in the Balkans and, on the other hand, the only one accused of genocide, which was actually committed against us. Croatia is ethnically cleansed of Serbs. The sanctuaries in Montenegro are being taken away from us for the same purpose, distancing the Serbs from the Mediterranean.

Today, instead of the Kosovo myth,  we are being offered a Hollywood myth from those who committed  ,not only the crime against us, but the genocide on their  own continent as well. We must not exchange our Serbs, our Kosovo for the illusions that come to us from Hollywood, for the myth of the European Union. We are in the process of cultural colonization, where the media convinces us that we are civilizationally inferior to the inhabitants of Western Europe and America.

That’s why we have to remember little Milica,  Sanja and Bojana, the heroes from Košare, all the burned churches and collapsed bridges, all the victims of the bombing, to remember so that it doesn’t happen again. We have to remember so that we would never allow genocide   against us ever again.



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